AI is the BRAIN, IoT is the BODY
We are the CREATORS

At Ayata Intelligence, we strive to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Interoperability of Things (IoT) technologies to create products and services that have a positive impact. Our mission is to create powerful products that allows the physical and digital worlds to co-exist in a purely natural way.

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Our Expertise

Artificial Intelligence

With the increase in the deep, dense and diverse data, information technology has evolved from indexing and interpretation era to intelligence era. Artificial Intelligence is coming into our lives more than ever before and is becoming ubiquitous rapidly.
Be it Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech and Signal Processing, Data Analytics or Business Intelligence, we help organizations to investigate complex business problems in various domains using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and help them moving from Data to Decisions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In this era of rapid innovation, we don’t just follow changing trends but believe in getting our hands dirty to experiment, create, break, analyze and improve. Be it designing Printed Circuit Boards, designing wearable tech solutions, advanced robotics or IoT product for a smart city scale application, we help realize the full potential of your idea through cutting edge product engineering services.

Our Team

Dr. Rupesh Tyagi

Data Scientist

Arpit Jain
IoT Expert

Deepak Tayal
Embedded Engineer

Research Analyst

Pearl Bansal
Business Development

Our Advisors

Dr. Gopi Ghosh
Hon Director, AIPA
Agri and Food Security

Sajju Jain
Sisu Global Health

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